10 Reasons Hiring A Yacht Charter in Cartagena is Worth It

July 22, 2016 Blog

Top 10 Reasons Hiring A Yacht Charter In Cartagena Is So Worth It!

The “gem of the Caribbean coast,” beautiful Cartagena, is also known as the “Queen of the Caribbean,” due the indescribable beauty of this classic town that time forgot. It’s also been called “the walled city,” because of the many stone fortresses and towering walls, some of them standing over 20 meters high.

But there’s a lot more to experience outside the hustling and bustling streets of this picturesque city by the bay. Many memorable sites are found while cruising the crystal clear waters outside this town of many walls, churches and other popular attractions.

Before you book one of those “day-cruise” packages to visit some of the many beautiful locations found outside the city limits, consider the many advantages available to you by renting your own private yacht.

Here’s the top ten reasons you need to book your own boat to explore the bay and everything it has to offer:

#1 – Affordable

Many vacationers will shy away from renting a private yacht believing it’s out of their price range, but that’s far from the truth. If you research some those “day cruises,” you’ll find they’ll usually run you around $100 USD (more or less). But if you got ten to fifteen friends, family members or acquaintances together, you can all pitch in the same amount (maybe a little more), you can have the time of your life on your own private boat.

#2 – Space

With your own yacht, you also get your own space. Those day trips are comprised of a journey where they pack as many tourists as they possibly can onto a vessel.

#3 – Unique

Day cruises are basically the same journey, over and over again, including an identical itinerary and the same speech given at each predictable location. Have your own unique adventure aboard a private boat with a seasoned Captain.

#4 – Assistance

Speaking of your own Captain, booking a private yacht also comes with an assistant who will help you with everything from the departure to arrival.  

#5 – Relax

Instead of being crammed in like a sardine on to a tour boat, you could be relaxing on deck, sunbathing and enjoying views unobstructed by other tourists.

#6 – Strangers

Rather than either awkwardly avoiding or getting to know your new neighbor you’ll be stuck seated next to for the next few hours, hang out with your friends and family on your luxurious yacht.

#7 – Enjoy

And speaking of luxury, while you might get a watered down drink or a fruit cup on your day cruise, imagine making your own cocktails, snacks and meals on your private boat.


#8 – Choice

Not only can you choose exactly when you can book your cruise (depending on availability), consider the different options you have with your own boat, big or small, cozy or colossal.

#9 – Options

Again, you have several choices available when booking your journey, from beautiful Isla Baru to the many islands in the Isla del Rosario archipelago chain. Maybe you’ll simply enjoy cruising the waters in Cartagena while you relax and unwind on deck during your private day trip.

#10 – Bragging

Think of the bragging rights you’ll enjoy once you return home. You’ll hardly be able to contain your excitement around friends, family, neighbors and coworkers when you tell them about your adventures aboard a private yacht. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you’ll never forget.

And if your cousin tells you he wishes that he had $5 for every time he’s heard your story, tell him to start socking it away now so he can take this unforgettable journey with his friends and family!

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