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Bachelorette Party On A Yacht In Breathtaking Cartagena

January 24, 2017 Blog

Taking the wedding party out, especially the ladies, out for a free-for-all before the nuptials has been the subject of movie fodder for decades, especially in newer films like Bridesmaids. Although hijinx and hilarity ensued (spoiler alert) when this gang of gals planned to go to Las Vegas before the big day, the trip was called short and everyone was disappointed.

Although what happens (or in this case didn’t happen) in Vegas, stays in Vegas, you’ll want an adventure with memories to last a lifetime, a unique, beautiful tropical setting, sunshine and champagne to remember this journey. Booking a yacht party in Cartagena has all this and more, not to mention it’s an affordable alternative compared to some other, much duller and perhaps expensive venues.

Imagine you and your very best pack of gal pals whisking through the tranquil Caribbean waters on your own, private yacht. Forget about being packed into a smoky, overcrowded casino or some slimy, male strip joint, when you can be soaking in the sunshine, laying out on the deck, sipping champagne or other cocktails in these tropical wonderland.

It’s All About The Bride (and her maids)

One of the best parts about renting a yacht is you’ll get both a Captain and a First Mate to make your journey as effortless as possible. Once you arrive to the docks, all of your gear and accoutrements will be hauled on board by the marine assistant so you can enjoy every minute of your excursion. While the Captain is professionally piloting the boat, the First Mate can ensure your champagne is chilled, refill your glasses, whatever your heart desires.

Dazzling Destinations

Cruising through the beautiful Bay of Cartagena itself is gorgeous enough on it’s own, but you can also choose from a variety of different tropical destinations. Tucked away among over 37 tropical islands in the Rosario Chain, are some unique opportunities that go from mild to wild.

Party Yacht

Perhaps you’d like to trek out to the sandy shores of Playa Blanca, which literally translates into “white beach, ” which is exactly what you’ll find here. Maybe you’re in the mood to visit more traditional and touristy spots, where the locals will treat you like royalty. But if you and the girls are looking to get wild and crazy, there’s a floating party on the island of Cholon happening every day.

A Rocking Regatta

Think of Spring Break, crank up the volume and bring your sunscreen, when you visit the shores of the island of Cholon. A much younger, year-round crowd parks their vessels, yachts, speed boats, almost anything that floats, along the beaches of this tropical island and the party rocks in a regatta like setting. You’ll see plenty of scantily dressed beach boys dancing on deck, drinking and partying the afternoon away.

Party Yacht

If the bride and her party are looking for some much-needed pampering, one of the better perks of this island paradise comes from the local food purveyors. Some may approach your boat and offer you some of the freshest seafood (especially lobster, crab and oysters) that you’ll ever taste in your life. Move in closer to the shore and waiters coming from thatch-covered huts will happily bring a table out into the shallow, crystal clear, warm Caribbean waters just for you and your party to enjoy a meal or cocktails near the beach.

There’s no place like this in the states, or anywhere else for that matter, that you have all of this available to you or your guests to experience before your big day. Whether you’re a bride looking to provide your maid of honor, your bridal party, friends, family or other guests to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity, or vice-versa, be sure to consider Cartagena as an unforgetable experience before tying the knot.

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