Beautiful Baru (or Isla Baru as the locals call it) is part of the Cartagena Rosario National Reserve located in the gorgeous archipelago islands of the Isla del Rosario chain. Often overlooked, this is a gem in these beautiful, Caribbean waters. But not to worry, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the teeming city of Cartagena, leave behind the overcrowded beaches often enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, and explore breathtaking Baru aboard your very own, private yacht.

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The Biggest & Best Bang For Your Vacation Buck

Don’t be fooled by many of those “day trip” packages you’ll see throughout the streets and shores of Cartagena, even the “deals” found on the world wide web aren’t necessarily what they’re cracked up to be. Those mostly come with watered down drinks, cheap lunches, common visits to tourist traps and being crammed onto a crowded tour boat with a bunch of complete strangers. Instead, you can enjoy these tropical islands aboard your very own private vessel, with just you, your close friends and family.

Aboard your private yacht, the popular Playa Blanca beach is a great destination, where you’ll find vendors pushing carts filled with fresh fruit across the white sands, others selling fried snapper and ceviche. You might also encounter some worldly backpackers turned beach-bums selling their unique wares, like hand-woven bracelets, chains and other individual island tokens.

Boat Bound and Water Wonders

If you’d rather stay on the boat, the waters around Baru Island are a perfect paradise for swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers alike. The wildlife, flora and fauna found inside these tranquil, turquoise, shallow, crystal clear, waters are beyond compare and are world renowned for their underwater beauty.
Those wearing a mask will have their very own up-close and personal experiences with dozens (even hundreds) of different species of tropical fish. You’ll also see Baru’s famous coastal garden featuring soft and hard coral reefs, richly filled with splendid marine life. These are all visible with a quick dip off the deck of your private boat.

If swimming and snorkeling aren’t necessarily your cup of tea,  you can stay on board and enjoy a chilled cocktail, spend time lounging on the deck enjoying some of the local cuisine or you could spend some time sunbathing on the pearl white beaches. With your own private boat, the choices are all yours. You’re not stuck with a stringent schedule that has you plopped down on a popular beach with tons of tourists during the hottest time of the day.

Package Perks

This professional boating experience is actually more affordable than you might think. With Cartagena Yacht Rentals, you’ll get experienced professionals that truly know the islands. You will see things that only our qualified professionals can offer from their own local viewpoint. For just $499, you’ll get:

  • 3 hours of cruising to, from and around Baru for 10 people
  • Your own private yacht experience within this tranquil setting
  • Unique locations and scuba experiences beyond compare
  • Island views, locations and beaches only visible from the deck of a boat

Why have a traditional vacation when you can have an extraordinary adventure? Contact us today for the best adventure in the beautiful Caribbean waters that surround Colombia.  At Cartagena Yacht Rentals, your passionate vacation experience is our passion.