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Beautiful Cartagena is often called the “hidden gem of the Caribbean,” and while it’s one thing to book a cruise in these tranquil waters, it’s quite another adventure to have your very own, luxurious and private yacht. Imagine the stories you’ll be telling friends, family and coworkers about the journey you took cruising in your very own yacht.

This unique experience goes far above and beyond getting a ticket aboard a traditional cruise ship with their pre-planned outings offering stale venues and hundreds of other unwanted guests. But booking an individual experience in your own private setting takes it to a completely different level.

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Enjoy The Bay

Cruise across the beautiful waters in the bay of Cartagena. This scenic adventure comes complete with a licensed captain so you can enjoy the spectacular views and scenery while someone else sets sail and steers the course while you’re pleasantly unwinding.

Just sit back and relax, stretch out on the spacious deck, while the yacht skims across crystal clear, blue waters. You’ll likely be checking out all of the local scenery, taking in spectacular views, exploring beautiful beaches and tropical islands only accessible by boat.

You could take a dive off the side during some serene downtime and go snorkeling in this Caribbean wonderland. Perhaps you’ll enjoy some of the local cuisine while sipping on a cocktail. All of these options and choices are available during your very own, private bay cruise and exclusive getaway in gorgeous Cartagena.

Seeing Is Believing

When it comes to enjoying the exceptional beauty of Cartagena and all the scenic wonders it has to offer, nothing beats the point of view that only the locals have to offer. Especially when it comes to exploring the wide open seas. There are so many unique locations that only those in the know can share and offer for you to explore. Imagine the wonder of snorkeling in some spots only the natives have seen.

Package Perks

This professional venue is actually more affordable than you might think. With Cartegena Yacht Rentals, you’ll get experienced professionals that know the land and sea. You will see things that only our qualified professionals can offer from their own local viewpoint. For just $499, you’ll get:

  • 3 hours of cruising the open waters of the gorgeous bay of Carthagena for 10 people
  • Your own private yacht experience within this tranquil setting
  • Unique locations and scuba experiences beyond compare
  • Island locations and beaches only visible from the deck of a boat

Why have a traditional vacation when you can have an extraordinary adventure?