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Best Scuba & Snorkel Spots While Yachting In Cartagena Bay

September 20, 2016 Blog

Many travel to the beautiful Caribbean waters around Cartagena to enjoy the many underwater adventures found inside the tranquil and tepid waters that are found here. From the hundreds of tropical fish swimming through vibrant coral reefs to the marine gardens and sunken vessels to be explored here, the Colombian waters are a dream come true for divers and a snorkeling paradise.

You won’t need a wetsuit when diving, snorkeling or swimming inside these warm waters since water temperatures rarely drop below 25℃ (or 77℉) and these are considered cold for this region. This is one of the many reasons why scuba and snorkelling spots are not only popular here, but plentiful and unique to this area.

Popular Diving Destinations

The reefs of the Salmedina Banks and Bajo Burbujas are just west of the bay of Cartagena, about five miles (or around eight kilometers) from the city. With depths ranging from 3 meters (or approximately ten feet) to almost 60 meters (or approaching 200 feet), these are the perfect underwater arenas for diving and snorkeling. These shallow waters are also the site of two sunken ships, which fuel the fire for underwater adventurists from all around the world.

Islas del Rosario

This archipelago chain, home to dozens of islands, are chock full of many diving and snorkeling sites beyond compare anywhere else on the globe. Almost anywhere you venture throughout these isles, it’s the most popular area to dive and snorkel around Colombia. Formed from natural  coral reefs, they’re surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Beautiful Baru

Part of the Rosario chain, the beautiful island of Baru is well-known for the marine gardens that encompass and surround the white beaches of Playa Blanca, or “white beach.” If the rest of your crew joining you aboard your yacht aren’t interested in diving or snorkeling, they can always enjoy the beautiful coastline on this popular island destination.

Tierra Bomba

Clustered with other islands that are located outside the Rosario chain, Punta Arena, Caño del Oro and the namesake Tierra Bomba Bocachica, has spectacular beaches and a fantastic, panoramic view of the city of Cartagena.

This is a great diving destination filled with multi-colored fish, crystal clear waters and some other underwater wreckage to explore. Again, if your fellow ship mates don’t want to dive or snorkel, this location offers other amenities while you enjoy your underwater adventures.

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Safety, Rules and Regulations

Even though these tranquil waters are very safe, mostly shallow and warm, that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen and there aren’t rules in place, but don’t be alarmed. If there’s even the slightest doubt that things could go south when you’re diving, there’s a decompression chamber available at the nearby Hospital Naval in Cartagena.

When it comes to rules and regulations that are already set in place, the islands inside and around the bay of Cartagena, specifically the Islas del Rosario chain, they’re protected under the National Park system laws, so the gathering of flora and fauna, even taking and gathering seashells, are all expressly forbidden.

Whether you’re an avid, certified diver or a snorkeling rookie, the shallow and serene waters are outside Colombia are worthy of exploration. Let your adventure in the Caribbean waters off the shores of Cartagena begin and they’ll be some you’ll never forget.

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