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The Colombian Regatta: An Unforgettable Floating Adventure

October 4, 2016 Blog

If you were to look up the word “regatta” in an English dictionary, you’ll likely find a phrase about a series of boat or yacht races. It’s cousin term “reggaeton” means a popular style of Puerto Rican music combining reggae and Spanish influences that also includes rapping to the rhythms. But in Colombia, or more precisely near Cartagena these have an entirely different meaning.

There’s really no competition here unless you include racing to your destination to see who will have the most fun at a Regatta or Reggaeton. It’s more like a giant, floating party, much less like a sporting event, where participants spend the day sipping on cocktails, sampling local cuisine and dancing on deck to the Caribbean and reggae beats known for this region.


Obviously you’ll be spending plenty of time on a boat so you’ll want your favorite pair of sunglasses, swimsuit, plenty of clean towels, perhaps a floppy beach hat, some comfortable deck shoes, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Stock up on party supplies, pack up an ample amount of ice chests with plenty of your favorite beverages, bring along whatever snacks and food you’ll be wanting to consume for an afternoon partying in the sun.


Unless you’re going to a specific event that’s usually scheduled in advance, you’ll always find a party in session near the shores of the island of Cholon. But be sure to talk to the locals and watch for flyers or other notices about events like concerts on some of the outlying islands in the bay. Often hundreds of boats will attend these venues and the music is a backdrop for the attendees who are mingling with other boaters and dancing on deck with their scantily clad neighbors.


If you do end up on Cholon, be sure to sample some of the local cuisine and you’ll taste some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever had in your life. What makes Cholon so unique is some of the food vendors on the island will bring your table and chairs out into the shallow Caribbean waters while you drink and dine near the shore. Don’t be surprised if another boat-bound vendor stops by your vessel to offer you some delicious lobster straight from the ocean or other freshly prepared seafood choices.


When renting a yacht to join the floating party, you’ll want to tip the crew and around 65,000 pesos (more or less or $22 USD) is customary depending on the cost of the vessel and this could be paid before the excursion. Unlike the mainland where credit cards are widely accepted,  you’ll want to bring along cold, hard cash for some expenditures during your outing which could include:

  • Drinks: Unless you BYOB (Brought Your Own Booze), you could expect to pay around $5 to $15 USD (in the neighborhood of 15,000 to 45,000 pesos) for some island cocktails or other beverage choices.
  • Dining: Some of the local food vendors offer some inexpensive ala carte items, a traditional plate of fresh seafood served with fried plantains and rice will run you around $15 to $20 USD (or 45,000 to 60,000 pesos).

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When it comes to beverages, you’re probably better off bringing your own since you’ll be guaranteed to have your favorite drinks in stock on board your boat. But when it comes to sampling some of the local cuisine, be sure to bring along plenty of pesos for food if you won’t be dining on deck with your own groceries.

Don’t be left out when it comes to this floating party in paradise. Be sure to check out how inexpensive it is to rent a yacht for the day and join in on all the fun waiting for you off the shores of Cartagena.

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