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Day Tour Options In Charter Yachts

August 16, 2016 Blog

Chartering A Yacht: Awesome Day Tour Options

One of the best parts of hiring your own private yacht is choosing your destination in the beautiful Bay of Cartagena. Rather than being crammed on a crowded tourist boat on a pre-designated route, you’ll be relaxing on deck enjoying a cocktail while going to a unique spot that you’ve chosen yourself.

Another perk of these packages, you’re not necessarily confined to the choices you’ve already made. Perhaps you’d like to spend more time cruising the bay and less time on the islands, again, the choice is yours. When it comes to making these important decisions, consider some of these popular destinations in Cartagena:

Beautiful Baru

Home to Playa Blanca, which literally translates to “white beach,” there’s plenty more to enjoy on this island including the crystal, clear turquoise waters that splash up onto the coastline. While strolling down the beach, you’ll likely run into all sorts of local vendors offering fresh fruit, fried red snapper, ceviche and backpackers selling hand-woven bracelets to offset their beach bound  lifestyle and travels.

Unlike the crowded beaches found on the mainland, once you set sail to the Isla Baru, you’ll still some tourists, but much less compared to the shores of Cartagena. If you wait untill 3:00, the sands will empty when the tourists return to their cruising vessels. Depending on your schedule, see if you can fit this slot into your travel plans.

Tepid Tierra Bomba

This island is owned by the colorful city of Cartagena De Indias and is like a town that time forgot. About 4,000 inhabitants of this quaint fishing village live off the land and the tourism of Cartagena itself. This is not a typical tourist destination as many of the travel agencies are concentrating on parts of the mainland and the other islands.

On the shoes of this rustic islands, you’ll see native children playing in the sand, locals weaving necklaces, fishermen hauling in their day’s catch and other sights unique to this special island. They also harvest coconuts for its natural oils and travel to the mainland to sell their wares to the many tourists found in Cartagena. This bustling little island is a great way to see how the locals really live in this aquatic area.

Restful Rosario

Once you’ve made this choice, you still have dozens of other options available at your disposal since there’s over thirty islands that make up the archipelago known as Isla de Rosario. Part of the National Park System since 1977, the Rosario Islands have a unique ecosystem, but you’ll still be able to find small restaurants, hotels and an aquarium.

Aboard your private yacht, you’ll be able to visit other more private places where you’ll be able to see all the spectacular flora and fauna untouched by mankind that cover these tranquil island paradises. Take some time to go snorkeling or scuba diving in the beautiful Caribbean waters that surround these islands.

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Speaking of Scuba

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or simply someone who enjoys putting on a mask, fins and snorkel on occasion, don’t miss out on these majestic waters. Hailed as one of the best diving arenas in the Caribbean waters, be sure to mark this on your “to-do” list when visiting Cartagena.

Leave the majority of tourists behind when you venture out into the open waters of the Cartagena Bay when you embark on a journey aboard your own, private yacht. You’ll be talking about this unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for many years to come.

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