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Destination Decisions: Your Perfect Day On The Cartagena Bay

September 13, 2016 Blog

With over two dozen islands to choose from in the beautiful Cartagena Bay, sometimes it can be difficult to choose an exact destination. Whether you decide to spend the day cruising through the  bay or visiting one of the larger islands within this archipelago chain dotted throughout these unbelievably beautiful waters, how do you know which destination is right for you?

Obviously it depends on a variety of different circumstances, what kind of person are you, and what about your travelling companions, would they rather bask in the sunshine on a sandy beach or explore the beautiful underwater sights in the stunning Caribbean waters?

Let’s check out some of the spectacular places you can visit on the Colombian islands that are all around the waters of the Cartagena Bay to see what’s best for you and your unique experience you’ll be spending here.

Snorkeling and Diving: If either of these are on your travel itinerary, you may want to cruise the bay for the day, but don’t let this stop you from choosing an island as your ultimate destination. For example, the island of Baru is well known for its underwater marine gardens and makes an excellent site for diving and snorkeling.

West of the bay of Cartagena, there is the Salmedina Banks and Bajo Burbujas, just five miles (about eight kilometers) from the city of Cartagena. Along with a vast variety of marine life, it’s also a site with two sunken ships to explore in these shallow waters.

Sites and Attractions: When considering tourists attractions, remember that Islas del Rosario is home to the Oceanario Colombia, an outdoor aquarium beyond compare. This unique marine venue is located mostly outdoors and visitors recommend watching the shark feeding as part of visiting this popular attraction.

If you’re a bird watcher, you won’t want to miss the The Aviario Nacional de Colombia Colombian (or the National Aviary) on Baru Island. What started as one man’s collection of birds in Cartagena expanded onto this National site on the island. With over 130 different species of our feathered friends, this sanctuary is home to birds from all over the world in this one location.

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Beaches and Bathing: The Islas del Rosario chain is also home to Playa Blanca, which literally translates into “white beach,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Along with the beautiful coastline, you can also enjoy swimming in the tepid waters found throughout the bay. You’ll also note umbrellas, cabanas and comfy beach chairs dotted across the sand available for a small fee to soak up the sunshine.

Beautiful beaches are found everywhere on the islands found in the Rosario archipelago. Isla Baru is also home to some gorgeous coastlines and here you’ll be able to sit in the shade of the native mangrove trees or bask in the sunshine on the sandy beaches.

Make the most of your day on the Cartagena Bay and decide which destinations you’ll enjoy aboard your yacht. Don’t be afraid to ask the Captain for suggestions on your journey since he knows these waters better than the helmsmen of those tourist boats.

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