Dreaming About Riding On A Luxury Yacht? – Do It In Cartagena!

July 15, 2016 Blog

Dreaming About Riding On A Luxury Yacht? – Do It In Cartagena!

Ah, beautiful Cartagena, this fairy-tale-like Colombian city has held the long-time distinction of being the Queen of the Caribbean coast. For those visiting this exciting mecca of perfectly preserved, centuries old churches and stone walls, you might be in the mood to be treated like royalty during your unique visit to this charming town.

And why shouldn’t you be treated like a member of the royal family while you’re here in Colombia, especially when you can book your own, private, luxurious yacht. Instead of taking one of those mundane day-cruises, packed on board like sardines with a bunch of common tourists, you can step aboard a luxurious private yacht for the day.

People come to Cartagena for many reasons, both business and pleasure, but if you’re here to relax and unwind, nothing beats having your own boat to enjoy all the beauties that the bay has to offer. Rather than listening to a tour boat Captain droll on about traditional spots on the water, your private pilot could be whisking you away to a tranquil getaway near one of the many islands that make up the Islas del Rosario archipelago.

The Riches of Rosario

While you can visit the popular aquarium and National Park located on the island itself along with the rest of the tourists, it’s much more regal to enjoy some of the lifestyles enjoyed by rich and famous, like sunbathing on the deck of your private boat.  

Think of it this way, instead of pointing to some fish swimming inside a tank, you could be snorkeling right alongside of them in the crystal clear waters off your yacht. Rather than traipsing through the groomed landscapes found in a park, enjoy the natural flora and fauna found on some of these tropical islands.

Beautiful Baru

Although the Islas del Rosario are gorgeous in their own right, beautiful Baru has much to offer its visitors. There’s an ongoing argument about where the best snorkeling can be found, in Baru or Rosario, but they’re equalling stunning when it comes to exploring the underwater waters found in the Caribbean.

The island of Baru is also well known for their marine garden, the white sandy coastline found on the famous Playa Blanca Beach and the spectacular views of the mainland during your journey back to Cartagena.


Bay Cruise

Even if you don’t decide to visit one of these islands, there’s still the possibility of simply enjoying an afternoon cruising in the beautiful bay of Cartagena. Again, you won’t be stuck on board a crowded boat with a large group of strangers, when you could be hanging out with your friends and family aboard your very own, private boat.

Go ahead and treat yourself like royalty while staying in the Queen of the Caribbean coastline in gorgeous Cartagena. Booking your own private and luxury yacht is more affordable than imaginable and has a lot more unique adventures to offer when compared to a typical day cruise. Don’t be ordinary when you can have an extraordinary experience in the Caribbean waters.

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