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Enjoy New Year’s Eve On A Private Yacht in Tropical Cartagena Instead of Freezing on New York City Streets

December 27, 2016 Uncategorized

One of the most well-known places to spend New Year’s Eve is on the streets of New York City, but it’s not the most popular place to go by any means, especially today. According to recent results gleaned from flight searches from all over the world found on the internet, Cartagena, Colombia is the number two destination, falling just under Dubai as the place to party in the New Year and Barcelona came in at a distant third.

The city of New York didn’t even make it into the top ten rankings when it comes to celebrating this yearly tradition. Perhaps the thought of spending this evening on a crowded city street, in  near freezing conditions, crammed onto dirty sidewalks with a million other people isn’t the best choice anymore. Instead, imagine yourself, drifting through the Caribbean waters, just off the shores of Cartagena, accompanied alongside your closest friends and family aboard your very own, private yacht.

You’ll be sipping champagne on deck instead of being stuck inside a taxicab or somewhere else that you’d be shuttling around to your ultimate destination. While almost everyone will have a DD (designated driver) on this important evening, you’ll have a Captain and a First Mate to take care of all your travelling needs. Rather than looking for that perfect place to view the fireworks while weaving through crowds and traffic, you’ll have your very own, individual, unobstructed view from a perfect place on board your yacht

Different Destinations

Whether fireworks are a part of your final party plan or not, you’re not stuck with just one destination when travelling aboard your own private yacht. You can spend the afternoon cruising through the beautiful bay of Cartagena and arrive at a final destination later on with a perfect view of the firework display exploding over the city skyline.

You can also choose to visit some of the many popular islands located throughout the Isla del Rosario chain during the daylight hours. Protected by the Colombian government as national landmarks, the beauty, tranquility, flora and fauna found on some of these smaller islands is simply beyond compare.  

Private Yacht

Unusual Dining Options

Forget making reservations for a black-tie, formal dining affair in the city, you’re in the Caribbean … when in Rome (or Colombia actually) … dine as the natives are offering. Depending upon your location, if you’re moored somewhere in the Cartagena bay near one of the larger islands, don’t be surprised if a much smaller boat approaches yours with fresh, and I do mean fresh, seafood offerings from one of the natives. Lobster, plantains and rice are a staple here among these friendly country folk and they’re more than happy to offer these local dishes to tourists.

Another interesting dining option comes near the island of Cholon, not actually on this popular isle, but nearby where you’ll find partiers from around the world. Don’t expect a tranquil environment here, this location is like the Caribbean version of spring break that happens year round. So if you want to party-hearty and get an unusual dining venue, make this a stop on your must-see destinations near Cartagena.

Private Yacht

A Table For Two (or Four or More)

If you choose to stop by the party isle of Cholon and want a really unique dining experience, get closer to the shore and check out some of the food purveyors found there. Most of them offer something really spectacular when it comes to an “offshore dining” experience when they will bring a table out into the shallow warm, waters of the Caribbean.

Here is where they’ll wait on you and your guests while you’re wading in these crystal clear waters. They’ll bring you fresh seafood, cocktails, beer, wine, whatever you’ll need presented with a smile. Have you ever drank and dined in Caribbean waters? Consider this type of experience during your unique venue.

In closing, of the New Year, consider trading in that bulky winter parka for a slinky bikini when you book your New Year’s Eve adventure aboard a boat instead. Without a doubt, this will be one party and unique adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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