Experience The Rosario Islands Aboard A Private Yacht

July 29, 2016 Blog

Experience The Rosario Islands Aboard A Private Yacht

Most people who visit the stunning “Queen of the Caribbean,” the beautiful Caribbean town of Cartagena, will venture outside the city limits to see some of the spectacular scenery found out in the bay. You’ll likely find a multitude of tour boats and day cruises that are available to enjoy some picturesque places like the Isla del Rosario (or the English Rosario Islands).

Some travelers completely ignore the affordable possibility of booking your own private yacht.

While many vacationers may think the concept of hiring a private boat may be beyond their budget, you might be surprised at some of the inexpensive packages available to them. Along with affordability, you’ll get many unique adventures you’ll never experience on a typical, tourist boat.

Freedom With Choices

First of all, when booking in advance, you get the choice of when you’ll be departing, the length of your cruise and the size of your vessel. Rather than waiting in line with a crowd of tourists, you’ll be personally greeted by your Captain and his “first mate” (an assistant) before boarding and beginning your adventure.

Personal Perks

This type of personalized service not only allows you to have assistance when climbing aboard, you can also ask questions and make suggestions about this unique excursion. You won’t be trapping inside a pre-written spiel offered by the tourist traps found aboard a local tour boat. You’ll also be able to alter your trip if you’d like to slightly veer off course.

For example, during a typical “cookie cutter” trip, you’ll go to point A and spend X number of minutes there before traveling to your next destination. Aboard your own private yacht, you can decide when you actually reach the island, whether you’d like to stay or continue on your voyage, depending upon the time you’ve actually booked.

Getting Stuck On The Island

Not to say that the Isla del Rosario isn’t a wonderful place to visit and is home to a fantastic aquarium and beautiful National Park to view and explore. But on the other hand, maybe you don’t want to be “stranded on a desert isle” with a ton of tourists. You could be “doing your own thing,” on your own terms, visiting places off the typical beat and path.

Instead of staring at fish swimming inside a tank, you could be snorkeling alongside of them after diving off the deck of your private yacht. Conversely, walking through the National Park and viewing the many well-groomed trails is one thing, but you can visit other parts of the island and examine natural flora and fauna the way Mother Nature intended it to be seen .. naturally.


Setting The Tone

Since you’re in charge of this excursion, other than the Captain laying the course and steering the vessel, you are setting the tone for this adventure. Are you going to party like it’s 1999 or relax and unwind from today’s current stress and strain? Answer these questions for yourself instead of leaving them in the hands of others:

  • Do you want to arrive at the island at record speed or slowly cruise at a casual pace?
  • Would you like to set foot on the island or stay on board?
  • Will you stay at that beautiful beach for a couple minutes or a few hours?
  • Do you want to cruise around the coastline or “cop a spot” near a beautiful beach?
  • Is snorkeling or sunbathing a priority?

These important choices are yours and shouldn’t be left to a pre-planned boating script that may (or may not), have your best interests (literally) at heart. This is your vacation, your adventure, your journey and the memories you take away from this experience should be unforgettable and not slightly above average.

The most important question of all, why not get the biggest and best bang for your vacation buck and have a blast, rather than a routine trip?

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