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Fun Facts: Why You Should Tour The Rosario Islands At Cartagena

January 10, 2017 Blog

The Islas del Rosario (or Rosario Island chain) is home to the world’s third largest barrier reef, which makes it a truly magnificent place to visit. A natural reef has been sheltering these magical  islands for centuries and in order to keep these places pristine, they’ve been protected by the Colombian National Park system since 1977.

What’s Behind The Name?

The vast majority of us already know the word “rosary” is a derivative or translation of the Spanish term rosario, both being part of ancient traditions practiced by the Catholic church for many centuries. Officially, the definition of both of these are closely tied to Catholicism. It’s difficult to find through online research exactly how this particular chain of islands got it’s name. Many believe it’s a concept tied to rosary beads being spread throughout the Cartagena Bay much the same way as the islands are.

Regardless of how this amazing archipelago chain got its official title, they’re still among some of the most breathtaking islands to be experienced anywhere in the world, which may be tied to their name being religious or spiritual in nature. Since they’re so well preserved and protected, they offer pristine sandy beaches and wonderful underwater adventures beyond compare.

Underneath The Surface

The Cartagena Bay and surrounding islands make up some of the most spectacular underwater venues that are available to be experienced around the world. That’s why scuba enthusiasts, diving experts and even novice snorkelers, come from all over the planet and regularly flock to the shores of Cartagena to explore the Isla del Rosario chain.

The tropical waters inside the Cartagena Bay and surrounding the Rosario islands have shallow depths, clear waters and warm temperatures which makes them the perfect year-round venue for snorkeling and scuba diving. Here is the best place to experience and a multitude of tropical species that nature has to offer. The flora and fauna found in this unique landscape are almost inequivocabile to anything you’ll see worldwide.

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Sunken Treasures

Off the coast of Cartagena is a diver’s dream come true with depths ranging from 10 meters to 190 meters and home to a plethora of marine reefs. Two in particular, Salmedina Banks and Bajo Burbujas, are located about five miles west of the city, where there are two different shipwrecks to explore underwater.

Above The Surface

If you’re looking to see some of nature’s underwater treasures up close and personal without getting too wet, be sure to stop by the Oceanario Aquarium. Reviewers on Tripadvisor are raving about this island getaway calling it an “incredible experience” suitable for the whole family. It’s also a great place to snuggle up with your sweetheart and visitors recommend the shark feeding, dolphin shows and viewing the turtles on display.

If you’re simply looking at taking a slow and steady cruise through the Cartagena Bay, you’ll still see stunning views of tropical islands and a fantastic way to check out the city skyline. But as long as you’re out and about, you might as well stop by some of the breathtaking beaches and gorgeous islands find in the Rosario chain.

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