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Hire A Yacht To A Boating-Floating Party Off The Shores Of Cartagena

December 13, 2016 Blog

While the nightlife in Cartagena is regaled around the world, the beaches are beyond compare and the memories you’ll bring back will survive a lifetime, what you’ll experience on a party island just off the shoreline will blow your mind. If what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, what floats your boat (literally) out in the Cartagena Bay on the island shores near Cholon, will rock your world.


This tropical hot-spot absolutely must be experienced to be believed!  It’s a floating, all out party, with dancing on deck, near the beach and on-board adventure that pales in comparison to any “spring break” found in the USA. Any version of this adventure makes spots like Miami or Daytona Beach look like dullsville.

Unlike ordinary college get-aways which only happen once a year in the states, there’s a floating party that rocks out year-round on the crystal-clear waters off the Caribbean coast of Colombia. On the shores of the island of Cholon, there’s a boating blast to be experienced here each and every day.


You’ll need to rent a boat or better yet, go all out and get a yacht (surprisingly affordable), and travel about 45 minutes from the Cartagena shore to the island of Cholon. Here you’ll find a myriad of other vessels here with just one purpose in mind – PARTYING.

Dancing on deck, sipping cocktails near the shoreline, sampling the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted is what you’ll find here. Holidays and weekends are usually jam-packed with partiers, but you’ll still find people here year-round soaking up the sunshine and slamming back some brews, listening to tunes and enjoying some cocktails.


If you do venture off the deck of your vessel, be sure to check out the vendors on the shore, although some of them may approach your boat with their local cuisine. One of the unique venues you’ll find here are some of the food purveyors who will bring a table out into the shallow Caribbean waters for you to dine in the sea. Imagine eating fresh shrimp, lobster, plantains and rice while standing in these crystal clear waters.

Hire A Yacht

Plan to spend the day away from crowded beaches on the mainland while mingling with other tourists and locals alike. Wear your favorite bathing suit, bring along a beach towel, lots of sunscreen and plenty of pesos for food and drink. To cut down on costs and trips to the bar, bring along your own ice chest full of your favorite beverages and head out to Cholon.

Who wants to go fishing when you can have an off-the-hook type of adventure like this one. Bring along your mask and fins although you’ll be probably too busy having the time of your life above the warm Caribbean waters. While you might not reel in a big whopper of a fish, you’ll be bragging about this vacation for decades.

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