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October 18, 2016 Blog

Ala Cartagena: Choices for Colombian Relaxation and Fun

One of the best parts of visiting and vacationing in Cartagena is the laid-back atmosphere commonly exhibited by locals and tourists alike. But still, some settings can be overrun with other travellers and can turn a relaxing vacation into an experience where we’re battling crowds when we’d rather be enjoying in a more tranquil environment.

Similar to ordering from a restaurant menu, you can choose an “ala Cartagena” option that will separate you from the masses and give you exactly the type of options you’re seeking for your vacation venue. Check out a few of these selections so you’ll have the time of your life while relaxing in Colombia and also have a perfect day out on the bay:

Private Versus Pirate

If you look back at the history of Colombia, you’ll find this “walled city” was once fortified to keep pirates from invading this Caribbean territory and pillaging properties centuries ago. But today, in an ironic twist, you can venture out to “Pirate Island” and find peace and serenity on this smaller island that’s often overlooked in the bay of Cartagena.

In just under an hour, you can venture outside the city streets to enjoy this smaller, less inhabited island. Renting a boat can run around $50 USD and you can spend a few more dollars to get some snorkeling gear to check out the underwater wildlife, flora, fauna and coral reefs that surround these beautiful islands.

Small Islands

A Volcanic Mud Bath

The El Volcán de Lodo El Totumo (or Mud Volcano) is another often overlooked “hot spot” for Colombian travellers to relax and unwind. While you’ll have some company during your dip into these muddy, volcanic pits, those who are visiting this unusual location are raving about their experience they’ve had there.

For a day trip here, you’ll likely spend around $35 USD to get there and other monetary options include body massages, sampling some of the local cuisine, tips and other accoutrements that can run in the $5 to $20 USD range. You can also pay a small amount to have the experience of your muddy adventure captured on film, similar to some other amusement shots in the states.

Small Islands

Enjoy A Refreshing Getaway At A Spa

If you’re looking for a cleaner, more traditional and relaxing experience, don’t overlook the many spas that can be found on the mainland. Whether you’re staying at a hotel with a full spa as a part of your vacation package, or a place where you can simply get pampered and treated like a king or queen for a few hours inside the “gem of the Caribbean.” Many of these venues offer tourists and travellers the option of stopping by for some quality time to unwind without booking a room.

Small Islands

Do a quick online search for spots like the So Spa, where you can slip in and out as a “walk-in” customer where you’ll come inside their resort with stress and soreness and leave relaxed and refreshed. Even though it’s located inside a luxury resort, you can still experience the rewards of their spa treatments without staying overnight.

Make your stay in Cartagena not only unforgettable, but also relaxing and rewarding. A vacation should be a way of unwinding from our everyday lives and forgetting about our daily stress and strain. This is a time to withdraw from our common life and experience a different type of experience in Cartagena’s uncommon and unique environments.

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