Luxury Yachting To San Bernardo Islands South of Cartagena

February 9, 2017 Blog

One of the most rewarding parts of visiting, vacationing and experiencing Colombia is the many affordable adventures available inside and outside of this tropical Caribbean wonderland. The best way to get away is by chartering a luxurious yacht and taking a cruise out onto the beautiful Cartagena bay. Taking advantage of this inexpensive option is a great way to escape the crowded beaches found on the mainland.

Many tourists trek out to the more popular Islas del Rosario chain, a well known group of islands just off the shores of Cartagena. But fewer venture out to the beautiful beaches found in the San Bernardo archipelago chain, about 80 kilometers south, which makes this an excellent getaway. Let’s take a look at some of these, unique island shores found in the San Bernardo group and why you should visit them:

Isla Palma

If snorkeling is on the agenda, be sure to stop by the Isla Palma where the shallow, warm waters make this an excellent spot to strap on a mask and a pair of flippers. These calm, cool waters are home to a vast array of tropical fish, flora and fauna. Aboard your luxury yacht, you can dive off deck almost anywhere of your choosing.


A little bit touristy for this stretch of more isolated islands, but you’ll still find shallow, teal blue waters and white sandy beaches here. You’ll also find some amenities, restaurants and lodging available, along with calm waters and a relaxed atmosphere.


Santa Cruz De Isolate

This small island is the most densely populated islet (the English translation for isolate instead of isolated), on the face of the planet earth. At around ⅛ of a square kilometer or a just a little over two acres, is worthy of a visit just to see how these cramped quarters operate so efficiently. Inhabited primarily by fishermen, see if you can meander through the tiny pathways found in between the dozens of small buildings.


For a truly isolated experience, getting away from the crowds and tourists, try Tintipan for a far out adventure. While you’re likely to see few visitors here, this remote location will give you a better bang for your getaway buck.


But Why Take A Yacht?

Besides the obvious, naturally you’ll need a boat to explore these islands, and there’s plenty of them available for hire. But when you charter a yacht, everything is taken care of for you. There’s no need to do anything except sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Once you’ve arrived at your first destination, you can choose to spend as little or as much time there as you like before moving onto to another adventure.

When you do plan your day trip out to these magical shores, don’t fall for one of those tourist trap venues where your crammed onto a tiny boat and trapped into a tight schedule of someone else’s choosing. Instead, plan your perfect paradise with your own destinations and timeline. Don’t just take a ride on a boat, instead go on an adventure with memories to last a lifetime.

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