Rent A Yacht For A Day

Its A Must! Hire a Yacht and Visit The Spectacular Aquarium at Rosario Island

November 14, 2016 Blog

If you’re visiting a beautiful, tropical destination like historic Cartagena, Colombia, you simply MUST take advantage of everything this paradise has to offer. The best way to pack in the most punch on any one given day here is to enjoy an adventure on the bay and rent a yacht. Given this unique experience, travelling to the amazing island chain of Rosario and visiting the Oceanario Aquarium located just off the shores is one you’ll remember long after you’ve left.

First of all, there’s a couple of misconceptions we should explain when it comes to making this type of bold, travelling statement about this striking destination. You may be thinking, “Renting a yacht – I can’t afford that! – Going to an aquarium – been there – done that – nothing new!” But both of these options and beliefs are sorely mistaken when you’re vacationing inside this Caribbean playground.

First of all, when you consider the many rewards of acquiring your very own vessel against getting crammed onto a traditional day cruise venue, you’ll see the individual price of a ticket on a dingy little tourist trap is a rip-off compared to getting a customized travelling platform. The advantages are almost endless, especially if you have a small crew travelling with you like a family or group of friends or even if you’re seeking a romantic cruise with your significant other … just do the math.

Secondly, if you think you’ve already seen everything there is to see at traditional aquariums and “sea worlds,” think again. Instead of concentrating mostly on “dog-and-pony” shows from the deep, although you will see a spectacular dolphin exhibition showcased here, this unique aquarium will give you much more, and you’ll see much of this outdoors and not inside a crowded coliseum.

Exploring The Ocean Naturally

Think of it this way, when you visit a more traditional wildlife park or aquarium venue, you’re trapped inside a closed atmosphere with mostly caged and “tanked” animals. Here you’ve arrived on a tropical island where you’ll see flora and fauna in it’s natural habitat located mostly outdoors instead. The experienced and well-educated guides will not only take you through a magical, beautiful and colorful museum on the inside, you’ll also walk along pathways located right above the coastline … just above the beach itself … on a gorgeous stroll near the surf.

Rent A Yacht For A Day

Aren’t Aquariums Just For Kids?

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for … while children are enthralled with the daily feeding of the sharks and this venue, (a big hit with reviewers on it’s also a draw for crowds of college kids and other friends who won’t witness anything like this elsewhere. If you’re on this unique tour with your loved one, cuddling up with your closest partner on the shoreline is romantic despite the feeding and fodder happening nearby.

The bottom line, pardon the oceanic pun, is this, whether you’re experiencing Cartagena as a couple gaining more together time or an educational experience with your family, or simply looking for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime day you’ll never forget, don’t discount a day in the bay, to and from this unique oceanica adventure.

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