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IT’S PARTY TIME! Charter A Yacht To Cholon From Cartagena

September 20, 2016 Blog

It’s rare to see an online review for visiting the Caribbean waters around Cartagena without including a recommendation for taking a cruise out to the Isla del Rosario chain for some breathtaking scenery and amazing attractions. With over two dozen islands in this archipelago, if you’re visiting one of these main islands, you might want to rethink this choice and charter a yacht  for Baru and the party beaches of Cholon instead.

If it’s a party atmosphere you’re looking for in your vacation venue, then Cholon is definitely your destination. Technically, Baru is not an island, but instead it’s a peninsula, separated from the mainland by the Canal del Dique. Though it’s possible to get there by land, crossing over a bridge in Pasacaballos, you’ll be missing the whole experience of this floating, party wonderland if you arrive by automobile.

Since the majority of people going to Cholon arrive by boat, it cuts down on some of the riff-raff, tourists and crowds you’ll see at some of the other venues near Cartagena. Mostly what you’ll find here is a much younger crowd, reminiscent of Spring Break, although locals and visitors alike come to this remote location to party year-round.

On And Off Deck

Unlike some of the other white, sandy beaches found on Baru, like Playa Blanca, where tourists are mostly seen lying about and soaking up the sun, Cholon is a mecca for party-goers, movers and shakers. Most of the action happens in, around and on top of the water. Those with a yacht are most often seen on deck, dancing, mingling, hanging out and sipping on cocktails under the Caribbean sunshine.

But this party scene is not limited to staying on deck as some of the action can be caught on and around the shoreline. If you look to the beach, you’ll see a number of funky huts, crazy shacks selling everything from cocktails to fresh crab. This is some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever taste and some vendors bring their wares out to your boat. Even better, some of these food service wizards will bring a table out into the bay for you to wine and dine on lobster and cocktails right inside these Caribbean waters.

charter a yacht

The Rave Reviews Are In

Travellers are raving over at about the many perks of this peninsula paradise. One writer called their trip to Baru and the destination of Cholon “the perfect location” with “delicious food.”

They went on to describe the food and unique atmosphere here when they said, you’ll “Eat the most delicious and economical seafood you could find nearby. From lobsters to fresh oysters, crab claws, fried fish and shrimps, all served over a humble and simple table that stands in the water. Yes, you eat all those deliciously prepared things sitting on plastic chairs in the water. It’s magical.”

On and off your yacht near Cholon, you’ll feel like you’re partying like one of the rich and famous without breaking the bank. When you consider those “day cruises” that only hit the tourist traps, where you’re crammed in with a bunch of strangers aboard a little barge, picture yourself, your friends and family on a beautiful yacht instead.

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