Vacation Yacht Rental for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

December 12, 2016 Blog

A Holiday Vacation Yachting On The Caribbean In Cartagena

The True Meaning of An Unforgettable Christmas & New Year

We’ve all heard that nostalgic song when we’re dreaming of a “White Christmas, just like the ones we used to know.” But these snow-covered settings vacationing inside of a winter wonderland also includes icy streets, crowded settings, cranky crowds and cold environments that can make for a “Blue Christmas” when it comes to the holidays.

Speaking of blue, wouldn’t you’d rather spend these much colder months in a tropical paradise while yachting on top the of crystal clear, Caribbean aqua-blue colored waters in Cartagena? Basking in the sunshine on a secluded beach?

Did you know that Cartagena ranks as the number two destination for ringing in the New Year anywhere in the entire world? Dubai came in as the top choice, along with an huge price tag when it comes to travelling to this overrated location. Cartagena edged out Barcelona as the top place to be when celebrating the holidays. But Colombia, especially Cartagena, brings in a more beautiful, tropical mediterranean, caribbean locale that has so much more to offer that also comes in at a much more affordable rate.

But why would you want to rent a yacht during the holidays? The reasons are plentiful if you consider this tropical paradise as an alternative to a traditional, holiday vacation or a “Christmas in Connecticut.” Check out these reasons why being on the open waters in Cartagena beats an ordinary holiday venue on so many levels:

Holiday Privacy

We normally associate the holidays with that special time of year when we spend special time together with our friends and family. But there are always those awkward moments that we feel disconnected with them and the holiday spirit. We’re so busy shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking, baking, all the preparation and planning, the stress and mess that leads up to the season of giving leaves something to be desired. But maybe it’s time to give something back to ourselves during this hectic process.

Outside the Holiday Norm

Renting a yacht during the holidays reserves us the right to a special space that’s specifically meant to be spent with our close-knit circle, especially inside of this tropical paradise. Instead of being chained to a stove, glued to a television set, this is holiday bliss at its finest. Instead of trying to be warm, instead you can be basking in the tropical sunshine and enjoy the Caribbean waters. Don’t plop yourself onto the couch in your living room and fall asleep in front of the television when you can dive into the waters off the back-side of your yacht and then nap on the bow of your boat enjoying breathtaking views as you fall asleep.


New Long-Lasting Memories

We all remember those times when we gathered around the fireplace, brought in the Christmas tree, baked cookies, wrapped presents and did all of that holiday “norm.” But when was the last time there was an unforgettable holiday experience that you shared with your family? One that will be cherished long after the New Year has arrived and remembered for decades.

The True Meaning of Christmas

From the ancient birth of Christ to a more modern interpretation of a “Charlie Brown Christmas,” mankind has explored this puzzling concept for centuries – what is the real meaning of Christmas? But it comes down to this, it’s not about presents, but rather the presence of being with those you love and enjoying your time together. There’s no better way to share this holiday experience than being on an unforgettable adventure cruising in the Caribbean aboard your very own, private yacht.

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