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What Service To Expect When Hiring A Luxury Yacht Charter

August 2, 2016 Blog

Realize Amazing Expectations When Hiring A Luxury Yacht

Any visit to beautiful Cartagena wouldn’t be complete without exploring the gorgeous bay along with the dozens of tropical islands found in these pristine Caribbean waters. Nothing beats a trip through the bay more than an unforgettable adventure aboard your very own, private yacht.

Many overlook this affordable option when it comes to all those cheapy day-cruises available on the mainland or the ability to rent a small boat for the afternoon. You’ll find vendors barking on the docks offering the best prices to be found for these boats, but often these packages are less than they’re cracked up to be when climbing aboard.

Here’s what you can expect and exactly what you’ll receive from your Cartagena Yacht rental:

Your Pilot and Crew

Each of our yachts comes with an experienced pilot and his assistant who are there to serve your needs to the fullest. From the time you arrive at the dock, the first mate will help you and your items safely onto the boat. When it comes time to set sail, entrust you and your fellow passengers to the hands of a qualified professional to reach your destinations.

If you have questions along the way, the English speaking assistant is there to provide answers for you. Slight changes in course and the amount of time you’ll spend at any particular destination is always an option as long as you return to dock within your predetermined time frame.

A Full Tank

No need to stop or shop around for gas prices or fueling locations, your luxury yacht comes completely equipped with a full tank. We won’t waste your valuable time stopping for gas on your valuable vacation dollar during this journey, nor will your vessel run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.

Kitchen and Bathroom

When you rent a yacht it includes a sparkling clean bathroom and fully-functional kitchen. You can bring along your favorite foods and drink so you can relax on deck with a snack and a cocktail. Don’t fight the tourists for a messy, overcrowded bathroom on the beach when you can have your own private facilities on board your luxury yacht.

luxury yacht charter

Safe and Clean

When renting one of those bargain boats from a barker at the beach, you can’t always ensure it’s been properly inspected and regularly cleaned. Not the case on your luxury yacht since before your arrival, it’s been polished from stem to stern. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and inspect our vessels before each and every departure to ensure they’re not only in tip-top running shape, they’re also safe, clean and completely ready to set sail.

Don’t be crammed onto a packed day cruise with a bunch of strangers and tourists when you can have it all aboard your private yacht. If you’re thinking of renting a small boat, think again, does it have everything a yacht has to offer? Be sure this once-in-a-lifetime experience goes off without a hitch, since you’ll be telling this tale until the end of time.

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