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What To Bring To My Boat Charter Ride

August 9, 2016 Blog

What To Bring Along On Your Chartered Boat or Yacht Adventure

Since you’ve already made the wise decision to avoid the crowds on those day cruises and instead enjoy your own, unique adventure aboard a private boat or yacht, now you have to decide what to bring along on this unbelieveable voyage.

Obviously you’ll want to bring along some strong sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) since you’ll be out underneath the tropical rays for the better part of a day, but don’t forget to bring along some of other these essentials as well:

Beach Basics

Don’t forget insect repellent, your favorite floppy beach hat, sunglasses, sandals, swimwear with accompanying cover ups. Depending on how you pack or plan your day, you may want to bring along a large plastic bag to separate wet or sandy items from those that are dry or free of debri. Although these options may seem obvious, we don’t want you to leave anything behind that will deter you from having a perfect day out on the bay.

Cocktails, Snacks and Food

Depending upon the choice of vessels you’ve made, some of the larger varieties come equipped with a kitchen, but even without this venue, you’ll still be able to cater your journey with beverages, snacks and other food choices. Pack an ice chest full of your favorites and bring them along to enjoy a nice, cold cocktail, sandwiches or other snacks while you’re lounging on deck. Again, it may seem obvious, but don’t forget plenty of ice!

Cold, Hard Cash

While you’ll often find your credit cards are perfectly welcome at most restaurants and other locations on the mainland, if you want to buy some food, crafts or souvenirs from the locals on the islands, you’ll need cash.

Additional Swimwear

Even if you’re not a seasoned diver or your trip doesn’t include a scuba experience, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the beautiful, coral reefs, underwater gardens and tropical fish this area is well-known for inhabiting. Hit up one of the scuba shops and you can rent or purchase a mask, snorkel and/or fins. Even just having a mask in your possession will give you a much better view of all the underwater flora and fauna.

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What You Won’t Need

Don’t worry about money for gasoline or fuel, since your vessel comes equipped with a full tank of gas. Leave your maps or an English translator behind since your Captain and assistant speak your native language and knows the bay and its many islands better than most of the locals.

You won’t even need to worry about a porter or schlepping your stuff on board. Once you and your belongings have reached the docks, all of our boating options include a marine assistance who will be happy to help you with your baggage.

Make the most of this unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime journey by bringing everything you’ll need on this adventure. You’ll be talking about this trip forever, so you’ll want to ensure your description includes sipping cocktails and lounging on the deck with friends and family.

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