Why Rent A Yacht In Cartagena? Its Easy

July 8, 2016 Blog

Why Rent A Yacht In Cartagena? It’s Easy

Cartagena has so much to offer and so many spectacular places to visit, many of them are found out in the beautiful bay. With places like the gorgeous Isla del Rosario and it’s 43-island archipelago to the tranquil shores of the breathtaking Baru island, these tropical islands are like a dream come true for travelers.

Sailing through the Caribbean waters that surround these tropical isles, going out on the waters near Cartagena is simply a must for any traveler. If you think Cartagena is beautiful from inside of the city, wait until you see it from the viewpoint of a private yacht out in the bay.

But Why Rent A Yacht?

In the bustling city of Cartagena, you’ll come across plenty of day-cruise packages that will take you out onto the bay and perhaps visit some of these islands during your journey. But these stale venues are about as “touristy” as you can possible get and they take the same path every time they leave port.

When you charter your own yacht, although you may be going to a specific location like the Rosario Island, you can visit other locations that only a seasoned Captain of a vessel knows about and not just the pre-planned journey with an ordinary day cruise.

Your Choices

With different boats to choose from, you decide whether you’ll be chartering a larger venue that can hold up to 25 passengers or a smaller vessel that can carry as many as 10 people on board. With affordable prices, perhaps it will be just you and your partner setting sail, a group of couples or a select number of family and friends taking to the open waters.

Amenities On Board

Many choices include access to private rooms on board, air conditioning and a kitchen equipped with a stove, refrigerator and microwave oven. Bring along your favorite foods and beverages and set sail in style. Whether you’re sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or simply taking in the natural beauties found in the bay, there’s no reason you can be relaxing with a cocktail or enjoying your favorite meal during your adventure.


Why It’s Easy To Rent A Yacht With Us

Please feel free to contact us with any scheduling concerns or questions you may have regarding booking this truly unique experience. We’ll help you to create the best travel package possible to truly meet all your needs and expectations. Once the dates have been confirmed and you’ve decided on your specific travel plans, there will be a 50% deposit due.

When the day of departure arrives, you’ll meet your Captain and the vessel at a designated dock in Bocagrande. Both the pilot and their assistant will be there to help with every step of your journey, from boarding to any questions you may have about the upcoming launch.

When it comes to visiting spectacular Cartagena, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the time you spend there should be just as unique. Why go on a run-of-the-mill cruise with a bunch of tourists when you can enjoy the tropical bay along with it’s many beautiful islands with your friends and family instead of a group of strangers.

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